2018 - Here I am

I've always been a bit uncomfortable putting myself out there as the creator of Lover's Tempo.  I never had the courage to be like, "Here I am. I made this." It was always more like, "Yea...this is something I kinda do..."

 But, lately I've realized that sharing in my experience of creating and running Lover's Tempo doesn't necessarily have to be about me.  I've realized that it's important to share my experiences so that first of all, I can remember them when I get really old.  And also, so that other people can see what we do, learn from our mistakes and maybe even feel a little bit inspired.

In order to do this, my business partner, Leslie, and I have decided to casually document and blog whats going on behind the scenes here as a way of recording, remembering and sharing our experiences.  Just as a disclaimer, this isn't going to be a blog with perfectly edited photos and only writing about the good stuff.  It will be a place where we can record the things that we find meaningful to us and our business.

We thought the perfect way to start was by giving a bit of a history of how all of this started.  Well, that was the original plan but then it was the holidays and it seemed like WAY too much to write about... 

So, maybe one day in the near future I'll get into that when I feel inspired to reminisce about the history of Lover's Tempo.  But since it's that weird time in between Christmas and New Years and I've had way too much holiday cheer, we'll just start with this as the beginning.

I did, however, collect a few photos from the early days that I'll share here.

In the very early days of Lover's Tempo, I did everything for the line myself and I was so proud to be selling the collection to 2-3 shops in Vancouver.  I used to do the UBC Christmas Market every year too.  Here's a photo of me in my booth... I think this was around 2012?

Looking at these old photos of my line reminds me of the amount of energy I spent on the packaging and presentation.  This photo below shows my 2nd round of packaging for Lover's Tempo.  The cards were made of craft paper and the logo was a script font paired with a sans serif font.

This was a little collage I made to email to stores to introduce my brand.

One season, I had this genius idea that I wanted to package some of the jewelry using colourful felt (I would later pay for this idea..) At the time I thought it looked really nice but I literally had to hand-cut each tag and glue on the embroidered label.

One of the first local shops that picked up Lover's Tempo was Front and Company on Main St.  In 2008, I emailed the owner directly and she agreed to meet me to see the line!  Since then, they've been one of our greatest supporters. 

Ok, so that was a brief (and random) post that gives a little glimpse into what Lover's Tempo looked like in the early days.  I think it's important to share these images in order to show that Lover's Tempo started with a real person (me) and it took a lot of time, effort, mistakes and passion to get it going.  I mean, we're still pretty small peanuts but I'm so proud of what we're doing today.

2018 is here and I can't wait to see what happens next!