Will my jewelry tarnish?
Our jewelry is gold, silver or rhodium-plated over brass or base metal. All plated jewelry will
tarnish over time due to general wear, moisture, naturally occurring oils on skin and exposure to air.
To extend the life of your pieces, always keep them dry and avoid contact with moisture, perfumes, lotions etc. Remove your jewelry daily and after each wear, wipe your pieces with a soft cloth to remove any impurities. Store in an airtight bag until your next wear.

Read our detailed Jewelry Care instructions here.

Where is your jewelry made?
Our jewelry is designed in our beautiful studio in East Vancouver, BC. These concepts come to life with the help of our carefully selected manufacturing partners in South Korea and China. We are in close contact with each of our manufacturers and only secure relationships with those who are astute to detail and quality.

What is your jewelry made of?
The detailed materials for each product can be found in the product description on each product page. You can also find more information about the materials we use here.

Where do you ship from? Can I do local pick up?
We ship from our East Vancouver design studio and warehouse in British Columbia,
Canada. If you would like to pick up your purchase in the Vancouver area, please email us at: help@loverstempo.com

I have allergic reactions to jewelry. Should I buy jewelry from Lover’s Tempo?
Since people have sensitivities to so many different things, it is impossible for us to predict how an individual may react to our jewelry. Our jewelry is not hypoallergenic; please purchase at your own risk and note that we do not offer refunds for allergies.

Can you fix my jewelry?
There are limitations on the longevity of fashion jewelry as the materials are not
everlasting. Because many factors are outside of our control when it comes to the life of the jewelry, we cannot offer any guarantees for the product’s lifespan.

However, if your jewelry becomes damaged, we can evaluate it’s eligibility for a repair. The minimum repair cost is $10 and the customer is responsible for shipping fees both ways.

To find out whether your damaged item is eligible for repair, please contact help@loverstempo.com with “Repair Request” in the subject line and include a photo of your damaged jewelry. If any pieces of the jewelry are no longer intact, please make sure to hold on to all components and include them in the photograph.
Once your repair request is approved please ship all of the pieces to our studio in a
secure package with tracking.

Do you do wholesale?
Absolutely. Please request access to our wholesale portal at wholesale.loverstempo.com or email help@loverstempo.com.